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Scientific Development of Planning, intensify policy support and strive to build brand shipping finance, to introduce high-quality financial services companies, and actively build a service platform, strengthen risk prevention.

Commercial Bank

Major lines of business of commercial banks include deposits of public enterprises and institutions, loans, bills discounting and middle business.

Securities company

What little money to use their advantages of scale cost advantages of the self-employed business, their own money buying and selling securities

Insurance company

Adopt the form of its insurer, insurance business. Insurance relations insurer enjoys premiums charged, the right to establish insurance fund.

To issue bonds

Funding sources to solve the problem of repayment of the State through the issuance of bonds by the exchange to repay debt maturing debt to reduce the burden on the State and decentralized.


Limited stock is a stock certificate when issued to raise capital investor. On behalf of the holders of its shares (ie shareholders) ownership of shares in the company. This is a comprehensive rights


Securities intermediaries, refers to the provision of various services for the securities market participants, such as issuers, investors and other professional institutions.

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ByTremayne Terry Sep 28, 2016

What credit card charges how to avoid credit card fees

Credit card annual fee General Gold, Puka annual fee of tens of dollars to several hundred dollars; Platinum Card annual fee is high, ranging fro

ByTremayne Terry Sep 28, 2016

457 detached Awkwardness fund Secret: Nearly nine out of profits

In general, the more severe the position, reflecting the greater confidence in fund managers related stocks, if the fund company to get more heav

ByTremayne Terry Sep 28, 2016

Placards set by forays WuNiu base Jin Yucheng next “treasure can”?

Equity can treasure Department Vanke intensified contention, it can not help but think of a month ago WuNiu fund holdings convex horse horses cau

ByTremayne Terry Sep 20, 2016

Public-private fund to see City: long drive down to guard against market bottom again

Exon FINANCE noted, the Shanghai Composite Index has lost six weekly losing streak and retreated to 2800 points area, popular in the doldrums vol

ByTremayne Terry Sep 15, 2016

Public offering to see the city: multiple bad led to a structural opportunity to seize the opportunity

A-share market fell yesterday. The Shanghai Composite Index fell 3.21%, to close at 2833.07 points, the GEM index fell as much as 6.03 percent, t

ByTremayne Terry Sep 13, 2016

ENTREPRENEUR new normal mixed base contrarian dividend shock city pocket for an obvious advantage

Can make money, a small retracement, to timely dividends for investors, billige Nike sko norge this fund is undoubtedly the greatest gospel. nik